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Choosing the Right Clothes and Shoes for Driving Lessons Stirling

There are a lot of clothes for certain occasion. Definitely, not a single individual in his or her sound mind would go to a big business meeting wearing T-shirt and short pants or going to the beach in a formal three-piece suit. It is the same with driving a vehicle. But a lot of us simply get in the car without considering safety and comfort.

Being safe and comfortable is the priority focus for driving a vehicle. To choose the right kind of clothes for comfort when driving your car will come down to your personal preference in some circumstances, but there are also simple rules which are worth bearing in mind.

During the warm weather, choose clothes that are light in colour that could let plenty of air around your body, keeping you cool during your journey. The cotton material is generally the best choice as it lets heat dissipate and doesn’t stick to your body even when you wear your seat belt. For men wearing ties and shirts, try to loosen your tie a little bit or put it on only when you get to the meeting or to the office. By having your top button of your shirt undone and leaving your tie off, you’re letting your head move easily.

If it’s warm, short pants are fine, but try to wear the shorts that can cover your thighs so that your legs would not be in contact with the seat of the car, which could cause itching and irritation on your skin in longer drives. Also, don’t be tempted to drive without the top clothing on or just a minimal vest type top garment because you would risk serious burns due to friction from the seat belt in the event of a collision with other vehicle.

In winter or colder weather, think about a few layers to keep you toasty rather than jumping in the car with a heavy winter coat on. Remember that bulky jumpers and jackets restrict your movement, which means you could not be able to see everything that you need from the driver’s seat. By the use of a few thinner layers, you can be certain how much you need to wear that can let you move freely.

Your shoes is the other essential item of clothing that you have to think about when driving a vehicle regardless of its type, whether it’s a SUV or a sports car, automatic or manual transmission. It is vital that you can operate the pedals easily and safely.

Winter boots or large work might be fine for worse weather condition, however, they don’t give much feel on the pedals and also there is the danger that you can accidentally press the throttle and brake pedals at the same time. So, try to wear a less bulky and thinner-soled pair of shoes.

Women also jump often into the car in high heels and then take them off to make driving easier. However, as high heels can impair seriously the ability of the driver to press the brake pedal sufficiently in an emergency situation, still this makes some sense for some women, but they are not aware that barefooted driving can be just as dangerous. Real risk can be there when your feet could slip off in time you need them firmly planted on the clutch and brake. So, keep flat-soled shoes in the car for driving purposes.

Thus, with the right shoes and clothes, driving can be more comfortable and enjoyable experience in travelling.

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