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Driving Lessons Stirling: Tips & Warnings in Parallel Parking

A common type of reverse driving is Parallel parking. It takes an earnest and thorough practice by a student driver because the mastery of it, in some instances serves as a gauge how far you have reached since your first day in driving school. The orange cones may be used as guide in a parking spot to do the practice in perfecting this driving skill.

Always check your mirrors and scan the surroundings when backing up the car for parallel parking. Bear in mind that driving a vehicle in reverse is just as important as driving it forward. It even needs you to be more cautious because many times people get in accidents when driving in reverse. In fact, driving in reverse in parallel parking does not come naturally to some people. Many licensed drivers do not even feel comfortable when having to do it, how much more with the student drivers. So, it really needs more practice because being able to do it is a very important skill.

Driving in reverse is done by many people several times in a day in areas so crowded with people and vehicles such as the parking lots in shopping malls or in public markets. So, make sure to practise constantly to make it perfect. For many people, driving in reverse is quite difficult to master. There are even licensed drivers for decades who still find it difficult or feel uncomfortable in doing it for parallel parking. To figure out which way to turn the wheel is usually the source of the problem. However, this problem is an easy one to solve by following this instruction:

(1.) Place your left hand at the 12:00 o’clock position. It is precisely necessary to have an equal position of your left hand in turning the steering wheel left or right.

(2.) Turn the steering wheel in the direction you want the back of the car to turn. If you want the rear of the car to turn to the right, turn the steering wheel to the right. If you want the rear of the car to turn left, turn the steering wheel to the left.

(3.) Look over your right shoulder to see where you are going to parallel park the car in a parking lot while draping your right arm on the right front seat.

(4.) Use the brake to control speed. Learning to drive in reverse for the first time, you should use the brake pedal only because some reverse driving require the use of the brake pedal only to control the speed as automatic cars when in reverse gear, move slowly backward even without depressing the gas pedal. Although there are situations in which quickly backing up is needed, thus you need to depress the gas pedal, but as learner driver, it is not yet your time to do it and take risk. Because if your foot is on the brake pedal, you can never depress the gas pedal by mistake.

A common but extremely dangerous situation of a learner driver is backing the car into a busy street. It is in this situation that a student driver freezes up. You may have half of your driven vehicle in the street and suddenly you become scared by a fast-approaching vehicle. Your first, instinctive reaction is to stop the car by slamming on the brake pedal. But if you are using the gas pedal instead of the brake pedal to reverse the vehicle, you could depress it by mistake and move the vehicle quick to block the street and collide with the approaching cars.

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