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Finding Good Driving Instructors Stirling

To find good Driving Instructors Stirling that will really fit your kind of a person isn’t easy as there are always individual differences in life. It may happen that you’ll find only later that a teaching method used by your driving instructor is things you dislike so you want to kick him out and find another one.

If you have family members, friends or relatives who recently graduated from any reputable driving school in the United Kingdom (UK), contact or talk to them and solicit their opinions and guidance on who’s the best amongst the hundreds of driving instructors in the lists to choose from?

You may also pick up your local “Yellow Pages” or “Thomson Local” to find hundreds of driving instructors listed under many reputable driving schools. Not only that, you can also find what type of driving course that suits you.

You may also check out with the driving school directories of some driving schools for the best driving instructor in your area. For the Theory test, most approved driving instructors (ADI’s) are able to offer you with integrated and combined tuition providing both practical and theoretical training.

It really makes good sense to choose a professional ADI because he/she comes from a group of acknowledged experts in driver education. An ADI knows better than anyone else how to teach and prepare you to pass the driving tests.

You should also have the knowledge about the Code of Practice for the ADI’s. The Driver and Vehicle standards Agency (DVSA) has introduced this practice. You can obtain the code leaflet from the driving test and theory test and centres. Your driving instructor should be able to obtain this leaflet and give it to you. A good driving instructor will formally agree to adhere to the terms of the Practice Code.

If you’ve already picked a driving school out, ask the following questions before booking your driving course. It may actually help you to see to it if this driving school is really for you:

(1.)  How long have you been a driving instructor?

(2.)  Do you have male or female driving instructors?

(3.)  Are all your driving instructors fully qualified?

(4.)  Can I have the same driving instructor for all my lessons?

(5.)  What type of cars do you use?

(6.)  Are the cars dual controlled?

(7.)  How old are the cars?

(8.)  Do I have the same car for every lesson?

(9.)  Do you have an individual pick up service?

(10.)  Do you work weekends?

(11.)  Can you pick me up after school, work or college?

(12.)  How much are your lessons? (note that the cheapest amongst them seldom means the best.).

(13.)  Do you have discounts for block booking?

(14.)  Which Test centre do you use?

(15.)  What’s your pass rate?

(16.)  How long is each lesson?

You should also note that a good driving instructor seldom has to advertise his/her services, as his/her track records could tell more than advertising can do. He/she must have passed a searching three-part qualification examination and must have reached and maintained the high standards as required and regularly checked by the DVSA. The checking is done by a DVSA supervising examiner who is sitting in on a live lesson. Then the instructor is graded as follows:

(1.)  Grade four   – competent

(2.)  Grade five   – good

(3.)  Grade six   – very high standard.

So, before embarking on a driving course and choosing the best driving instructor, ask any potential amongst them for their grades.

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