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Independent Driving Lesson Stirling in the Driving Test

What doesn’t change in driving tests in the United Kingdom (UK) is change itself that makes history in Britain’s land transportation. Ever since, changes have been introduced and many times they give more benefits and convenience to many concerned individuals and stakeholders. And it is envisioned that every change will have a more positive impact in the government efforts to produce more quality and responsible road users today and the future.

So, here’s currently another change which is seen to prepare the learner drivers to have a much more chance of passing the driving test. So, what are these changes to the driving test? The driving test for example, which is intended for cars, buses, lorries, and motorcycles has been changing since October 4, 2010.

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) has introduced a new section in the driving test covering “Independent Driving.” This will only last for around ten minutes. During this segment, the learner driver will have to drive without the step-by-step instructions from the government examiner.

The learner’s next question: How will I be tested on Independent Driving Lesson Stirling? The learner driver will be asked to pull over and the examiner will ask them to drive independently by one or probably  a combination of the following methods. The learner driver shouldn’t be able to influence which method is chosen because everything on this matter would be up to the examiner.

(1.) Via road markings and signs – for example, the examiner will ask, “For the next ten minutes please follow the road signs to the town centre.”

(2.) Via a series of four very occasionally verbal directions which are given by the examiner similar to how you may take directions from a passer-by. For example, “drive along and take the first left, straight ahead at the roundabout and second right.”

Before setting off , the examiner will show you a diagram when he is using verbal directions. If in case the learner driver forgets the directions, he/she is allowed to ask the examiner to confirm them as they drive along. If road signs are obscured, say by a parked vehicle or an overhanging tree, the examiner will intervene your driving and say, “the road sign is obscured here but you’re meant to take the next left.”


The independent driving section isn’t meant to test the learner’s navigating skills. If he or she takes a wrong turn or get lost, it will not count against him/her. It’s more about letting him/her show his/her ability to drive more safely without constant direction from his/her examiner or instructor.


The learner’s another question: Will the rest of the test stay the same? The answer is No. The former version of the driving test involving two manoeuvres to be done, one of which would be an exercise how to park the vehicle and the other one is either a reverse around a corner or a turn in the road. Now, the test only involves one manoeuvre, but the learner driver won’t know which one. So you need to practise all of them to the test standard.

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