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Learn to Drive


All learners receive a progress/appointment card which is completed at the end of every lesson from standard to Intensive Driving Courses Stirling, showing how they are coming along and helping to tailor the following lessons accordingly.

These courses can be arranged to coincide with periods of holiday or when you can put more hours in than your normal weekly routine may usually allow for.

Refresher Course
This can be as broad or as specific as you need. Maybe you haven’t driven in a while and just need to build up your confidence a little, or perhaps there

are one or two specific areas you feel you need to improve? Whatever the reason, we can discuss your requirements and tailor lessons to suit you.

Motorway/Night-time/Rural Lessons
These lessons can be taken on their own, or as part of the Pass Plus course.

Pass Plus
This course is for newly qualified drivers, to further enhance your driving skills and build on the confidence you will have already gained.The modules which are covered under the Pass Plus syllabus are:
• Town Driving
• Out of Town/Rural Driving
• All Weather Driving
• Night-time Driving
• Dual Carriageway Driving
• Motorway Driving

qqqqThere is no test at the end of this course, and upon completion of the six modules you will receive a certificate which will allow you up to a 30% reduction in your insurance from participating insurance companies.As mentioned above, individual lessons can also be arranged dealing with just one or two of the Pass Plus modules, but the Pass Plus certificate can only be awarded after taking the whole course.

Befor you begin…

You must be a minimum of 17 years of age (or 16 if you claim disability allowance at a higher rate).

You must be a minimum of 17 years of age
(or 16 if you claim disability allowance at a higher rate).

You must hold a provisional driving licence. Forms are available at any Post Office or online.
Apply Here online

Structured Lesson & Courses


Every person learns differently and at a different pace, so all the lessons are structured to be ‘student centred’, so various teaching methods are used to suit the individual’s learning style so as to maximise the learning.

Driver records are completed at the end of the session so your progress can be measured.Learning materials for the Theory Test and Hazard Perception Test can be provided if you wish and assistance is given throughout.’Safe Driving For Life’ is what we should all strive to achieve, but at the same time I believe lessons should be fun – so I try to make the lessons as enjoyable as possible.

Congratulations – now you have passed your driving test!

Once you have passed your driving test, it is advisable to enhance your driving skills so you can then, if you wish, complete a six course module called Pass Plus.

The modules are:

      • Motorway Driving
      • Night Driving
      • All Weather Driving
      • Rural Driving
      • Town Driving
    • Dual Carriageway

On successful completion of the course which is usually 6 hours and is completed in either a 6 hour session (with plenty of breaks) or two 3 hour sessions without a test at the end, you are given a certificate which then entitles you to a possible 25% discount on your motor insurance for your first year from participating insurance companies, including:

      • 4Counties Insurance
      • AA Insurance
      • Adrian Flux Insurance
      • Aviva
      • Churchill Insurance
      • CIS
      • Click4Gap
    • Direct Line
      • Endsleigh
      • i-Kube• Privilege
      • Provident Insurance
      • Quinn Direct Insurance
      • RAC Direct Insurance
      • Royal & Sun Alliance
      • Swinton Car Insurance
      • Tesco Motor Insurance
      • Young Marmalade
    • Zurich Insurance

Alternatively, complete a more comprehensive course which incorporates the Pass Plus topics, as well as more in-depth driving topics, and there is a test at the end of the course.The advantages are you would become an I.A.M. member and would be entitled to all the privileges of full member status including discount on your annual insurance premiums with I.A.M. Surety or Royal & Sun Alliance via Adelaide Insurance Services – providing you still remain an I.A.M. member.The course can be completed either throughThe Institute Of Advanced Motorists

as an associate member, or through us where we can enrol you as an associate and work with you until you are ready for the test. Please contact us for further details if you are interested in this scheme.

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