• Friendly, expert instruction
  • Mock test and theory training
  • Discounts on block bookings
  • Intense course options
  • Road safety awareness
  • Low CO2 emissions




Incredible school as usual. I can't even explain how good it is to have found a driving school that will help me to become a professional driver hassle free. The instructors was very friendly and he make sure that I felt comfortable every time!

I will definitely recommended Stirling Driving Company to my friends. Thanks!

Incredible school as usual

Gone are the days when you afraid to go behind the wheel, thanks to Stirling Driving Company! My driving instructor was very helpful, he made the courses fun and easy. He also gave me tips where the easiest route in the area!  I am confident now that I am a good driver with all the lessons and road knowledge he provided me.

I am confident now

I found my driving instructor Alexander friendly and very calm. At first I was nervous but he assured me that everything will be okay. Not only he helps me drive well but he also helps me to feel comfortable while driving.

Oops and yes I passed the test! Big thanks!

I passed the test! Big thanks!
  My instructor is the best! He is patience, sweet and very easy to talk to. I feel comfortable when I first met Alex! He is very nice and always encourage me that I can do it which made me more determined to drive better and pass my test. Another good thing about him is, he will make you feel comfortable safe the entire course. Highly recommended!
Highly recommended!